Google announces Analytics 360 Suite for enterprise marketers

Google is launching a new product for enterprise marketers today that will directly challenge Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and similar services.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite will combine Google Analytics Premium (now called Google Analytics 360) and Adometry (which it acquired in 2014 and which is now called Attribution 360), with an enterprise-class version of Google’s Tag Manger and three new products (Audience Center 360, Data Studio 360 and Optimize 360) into a single solution for marketers.

The idea here, Google senior director of product management Babak … Read more

Can tech teach kids to teach themselves? XPRIZE, Google, and the UN team up to find out

Hundreds of millions of kids around the world lack access to, among other things, basic education — much less organized school systems with adequate teaching resources. XPRIZE is hoping that tech can help where humanitarian efforts have yet to make a dent — and putting $15 million on the line to that end, with the help of Google and the United Nations.

The goal is to create a software and hardware platform that will allow kids anywhere — but in Tanzania, to start — to … Read more

Adtile raises $2M to rethink mobile ads

Mobile ad startup Adtile is announcing that it has raised an additional $2 million in funding.

That’s an extension of the $4.5 million Series A that Adtile raised back in 2014, and it comes from undisclosed investors.

The San Diego-based startup focuses on a format it calls Motion Ads, allowing marketers to take advantage of smartphone capabilities like the GPS and accelerometer to create ads that you can shake, turn or interact with in other ways. Adtile says its Motion Ads have an average … Read more

Tagging may be the best way to make IoT contextually relevant and usable

Before the iPhone, we lived in caves.

And it was easy to organize things in our cave. Rocks went in the rock pile. Clubs went in the club pile. Bones went in the bone pile. We sorted, organized, and classified to manage our things.

As more people came to live in our cave, managing things got a little more complicated. Ringo brought multiple rocks. One was for banging, one was for fishing, and one was for sleeping.

Suddenly, a single rock pile was not enough … Read more

Adobe announces new data-sharing effort for cross-device ad targeting

Adobe unveiled a new push for cross-device targeting today at its Adobe Summit.

Amit Ahuja, the general manager of data management for Adobe Marketing, explained the product to me beforehand, and he laid out the problem in a pretty straightforward manner: “If you don’t know who the user is across different devices, clearly that’s broken.” So at a basic level, the aim of cross-device tracking is to identify when the same person is using multiple devices.

Ahuja acknowledges that Adobe isn’t the first company to … Read more